Friday, February 25, 2011

Keelii's busy book

Well I've started Keelii's busy book and I'm so excited! I will of course be adding more pages as time goes on but for now its a good start. A lot of my friends have never heard of a busy book so here it is for all of you who asked me what it is. 

I've seen busy books that are sew, in binders, and on rings. I decided that it would be best for us to keep in in a hard 3 ring binder. 

Now I've been wanting to make Keelii and eye spy bag for quite some time now and just haven't gotten around to sewing it. Well I got thinking about the busy book I decided that an eye spy bag would be perfect but how was I going to add it to the binder? Then it dawned on me while I was walking through the dollar store the other day that the pencil pouches for binders would be PERFECT! So I threw one in the cart along with a cheap bag of rice and a few nicnacs (great way to use up all of those small cheap toys you have laying around the house) Once I got home I put everything in the pouch zipped it closed and then it came to me. Yeah thats going to stay closed. Ha who was I kidding right?! This wouldn't last one second in Keelii's hands without getting poured all over the floor. So my solution you ask? First I hot glued the zipper closed and thought it looked terrible so I turned to my handy dandy E6000! Yep much better! I added a list of everything in the bag and had it laminated so it would last. 

Here are a few of the pages that I made for her busy book. Every page has a poem on the front page that goes along with the activity on the back. I kept it pretty simple and didn't scrapbook the pages. I could of spent hours on it but I figured Keelii wouldn't care so simple it is. I added velcro to everything for easy play and storage. Lets hope this is a big hit with her and with help me keep my sanity!


  1. How old is your daughter? Mine is almost 2 and I would love something like this, but I feel like I would always be putting it back together.

  2. She was was almost 3 when I made it but I also have a 2 year old that plays with it. My 2 year old has played with it since she was 1 though. I think yours would do just fine. :) You can always put it away till she gets a little older if she doesn't do well now.