Sunday, February 27, 2011

Preschool tote bag revamp

As most of you know Keelii is my busy child and can not just sit and relax so after the barbie house incident we decided that preschool would be great for her. It helps get all of her energy out, helps her with her social skills, and she gets a good break from her mommy. 

She is in the 3's class because she is completely potty trained but that
doesn't mean she wont pee in her room daily just to get under my skin. 

In preschool they ask to have an extra pair of clothes just incase of accidents and a sheet for nap time. So we took everything in a canvas tote bag to hang in her cubby and it was ok but knowing me it wasn't good enough. 
(We all know 2 year olds care a great deal about what a tote bag looks like.) 

Who am I kidding? We all know I am just a craftaholic who needs to amp up everything that I own. 

On friday I brought home Keelii's tote bag to switch out her spare clothes (growth spurt is on the rise) and wash her sheet. So what a perfect time to spruce up a plain ol' canvas tote. 

And here it is:

Simple but cute! (Well I think so)
I drew up a couple of super simple bird appliques, ironed them on,
Embroidered around them and added a polkadot bow on the handel and WA LA 
a cute new canvas tote for preschool!

Its a big hit with Keelii! She came up to me and said "MOM IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!" 
I love when she gives me her stamp of approval! 

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