Sunday, March 6, 2011

Keelii's peeing episodes!

Ok so just like my first post said I started this blog to show off my crafts and vent about my oldest daughter Keelii. This post is not a craft post but is for sure a Keelii post! 

This will be a venting post at its best. 

Today was a good day with Keelii. She was a good girl this morning and was able to go play with her aunt and uncle this morning. (Yesterday she was supposed to go over and play but decided to throw a HUGE fit! I mean HUGE when asked to get her shoes on so she got to stay home and take a nap instead of going to play) My husband and I went to pick her up from his mom's house and she had been a good girl when we picked her up and stopped to get something to eat on our way home. Once we got home we all gathered at the dinner table to eat. I gave Keelii some of my pasta that I had got and she started eating with no problem. As time went on she started to throw a fit (I'm still not sure why but she did not have a nap so I know that was part of the problem) and I calmly told her that she needed to calm down and finish eating so we could get her jammies on and get her to bed. Once she finished eating her dinner I asked her to get in her jammies and she told me no and said she wanted to sleep in her dress that she had on (She never keeps her jammies on anyway or any clothes for that matter) so I said that was fine and laid her in bed, turned on the movie she wanted to watch, shut her door and walked out just like every night. 

Now Aidyn had been having a rough time tonight and wouldn't quit crying so I ended up just letting her cry for a while. After a while I went into their room to give Aidyn her binky (I need to make a pouch that attaches to her crib that has extra binkies) and laid her back down. Of course after I walked out of the room she started to scream all over again so I figured I would go back in and check on her in a little while if she hadn't calmed down. Once I realized she wasn't going to calm down I walked back into their room and picked her up, gave her the binky and thats when it hit me! Keelii had once again peed in her room! 

Now let me tell you Keelii is completely potty trained! She wears big girl underwear all day everyday and never has accidents at night. So WHY did she pee in her room?! I am so frustrated and I have no idea what to do anymore. Oh and did I mention that I had washed all of the girls' bedding today and put it back on their beds? Well I did and guess what she decided to clean up to pee with?! Her bedding that I just washed! Lovely! 

James and I have brainstormed why she would do this and I have asked everyone I know what they think would be going on. Most of them told me it was attention but I don't think it is an attention getter. She gets plenty of attention at home and we even make sure we have one on one time with just her, mommy, and daddy. We have taken the tv out of her room and that has helped for a while. (This is not our first rodeo with her. It used to be worse. She used to poop in her room and her barbie house that we build her) She knows how to earn her tv back and when she is earning it back she never has a peeing episode. Well the last time we took it away she still had one or two peeing episodes so we figured that wasn't working anymore so we put the tv back in her room. Needless to say the tv is gone again and will not be going back in for a VERY long time if at all. 

What do I do now?! James and I are both out of ideas of why she is doing this and what we can do about it. I am at my wits end and don't know how to deal with this anymore. Any suggestions would be nice. 

I've tried everything. I've tried talking and explaining it to her and she tells me she knows that its not ok. So why does she keep doing it? She won't pee on a hard surface (or house has hard wood floors throughout the whole thing) it has to be on her rug or the carpet in her barbie house or fabric of any kind it seems. I've tried taking away her tv, I've tried giving treats and everything else. I just don't get it. 

Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will figure something creative out but we will see.  

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