Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sippy cup leash

Do you get sick of playing the lovely game of mommy will pick it up when I throw it? 

When I had Keelii I just learned to deal with it. I mean what can you do when they drop or throw something? You pick it up right? I learned to teach her if she threw something then she wouldn't get it back and that was the end of it. Now that I have Aidyn and Keelii its twice the sippy cups that are being thrown or dropped that gets old FAST! I do understand that sometimes it is an accident SO I made them both a sippy cup leash!
YAY! No more picking up sippy cups for me! 

(A piece of ribbon and a small piece of elastic was all it took)

Aidyn will now show you how it works!

Keelii sits up front and her's is hanging over the edge in this picture

 I looped it on their seatbelt straps and can also be used on a carseat!
Aidyn can now get her own sippy cup when it falls! 
Its the simple things in life that makes a mom happy!

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