Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Suess inspirational work treats

As you all know I've been pretty excited for Dr. Seuss' birthday this week. 
(A little over the top some might say but it is fun for both my girls and I so why not right?!)

Well my mom got inspired to share something with all of her employees for Dr. Seuss' birthday after hearing that I was making treats for Keelii's classmates.
(when I say she got inspired that really means she got inspired to get me inspired to come up with something fun)

Story of my life! 
love you mom!

After talking to her and finding out what way she wanted to go and what book she wanted to base her treats off of we came up with this. 

Oh the places you'll go treat bags!

I downloaded a free Dr. Seuss font and typed up the last few lines from the book and threw it all together with some scrapbook paper and treat bags. 
I made 50 of these babies! Can't wait to hear what everyone thought!

To go along with her treat bags that I made she is going to read 
'Oh the places you'll go'
to inspire her employees to keep up with the great work they do. 

I hope you have fun tomorrow mom! Love you!

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