Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Embroidered deployment pillow

As I was blog stalking some awesome blogs last night I came across a link for an embroidered geography pillow that was made as a wedding gift. 
I loved the way it turned out and thought it was such a great idea I had to make one myself. This was my take on it. 
 I LOVE it! 
I found this awesome idea and tutorial here. I hope you guys like it and get inspired to make one yourself.
Thanks so much to Erin over at In between laundry for the wonderful idea!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

ACU topiary

Remember this ugly thing that I got at the DI for a $5.00 that I was so excited about? 

Well it went from that to this. I thought it was an improvement but still not what I wanted. 
I took it down quick and stored it away until I could find the perfect thing to add to it.

After a few months of being forgotten I figured it out! I knew the perfect thing to add to it! 
I pulled off all of the moss and pinned strips of James' ACUs to it and this is what it looks like:

I don't think it could of turned out any better!
 I loved the look of ribbon topiaries but wanted something permanent so here is my take on a ribbon topiary!  

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kisses from home canister

Here is the Kisses from home canister I made for James to have while he is deployed. 
I've heard of these being used as a count down and thought we would try that for the girls.
The girls are to young to understand the count down but they're not to young to know that each chocolate kiss that they eat is used as a kiss from their daddy.
I loved the idea for the girls and decided to make one for James and this is what it looks like. 

Its a bit plain for me but I didn't think he would want ribbons and flowers and girly embellishments on it so this is the end result. 
I think it turned out pretty cute.
Now every time he eats a kiss he knows its from his girls back at home.
Its not the same as the real deal but it will have to do for now.

1st package received!

I'm so excited this morning! 
Why you ask? 
James received his very first package from us!!!!
So exciting! 

Now I get to post how it looked and tell you what was in it!

 I decided this one would have a few things in it that he liked at home. 
(minus the lap top lap desk. That was for his birthday but doesn't fit inside a flat rate box so he got it early)
Here is the first flap

A picture from Aidyn
(I wanted to get the girls involved in decorating. They had a lot of fun)

A picture from Keelii

A letter from me
(each package he will receive will have a hand written letter from me explaining what is in there and why)

And this is what it looked like when it was ready to be shipped!

I forgot to take pictures of everything inside so I will just give a list.
We sent James/daddy:
A package of double stuffed Oreos
2 packages of jerky
(one from us and one from his mom)
2 boxes of popcorn
Packs of gum
(he said he ran out of gum today too so what perfect timing)
A empty scrapbooked canister 
(this is to put chocolate kisses in. I will do a separate post about that)
A 3 ringed binder with plastic sleeves
(To put artwork and letters in from friends and family)
A pillow case with a picture of me and the girls
(I know! Can you believe it! For those of you that know Keelii this is a HUGE deal! This is her most prize possession. Even better then that? It was her idea!) 
James ask for a shirt of mine so I included one
(I was lucky enough to have to perfect shirt to send him. He said it was the perfect choice and was really happy.  Long story short, he picked it out for me when we were sophomore's) 
Last but not least the lap top desk
(but this was meant for his birthday)

I am very pleased to say he really liked it. I can't wait for him to get his other packages.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My whole heart is in Afghanistan

Tonight is one of the harder nights of this deployment. 
There isn't a real reason for it other then my heart is just needs James around. 
I am so incredibly blessed to get the chance to talk to him everyday so far. Not only do I get to skype him everyday but I get to skype him twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. 
I know how lucky I am to have that and it has helped the girls and I tremendously but it can never compare to having him home. 
I always knew and appreciated everything he did around the house and with the girls and I tried to make it a point to tell him and let him know that I saw what he did and that I appreciated it but its the small things that make your heart ache and long for the one you love. 
It's the watching him wake up and stroll out of the bedroom wrapped up in his blanket. 
Simply sitting on the couch and knowing he is right there.
Never having to speak a word but always finding comfort in the expression on his face.
Watching him play with his girls.
(which by the way they still do. Aidyn loves to dance and run around for daddy. She makes sure he is always watching)
Rolling over in the middle of the night and being able to touch him.
Listening to him brush his teeth.
Plating up meals for him and the girls
(One of my favorite things to do)
Knowing that if I wanted him to he would go to the store with me whether he wanted to or not. 
Washing his clothes and seeing his shoes in the shoe basket
Smelling his shampoo and body wash fill the air when he got out of the shower.
Buying snacks only he would eat. 
(I miss seeing those in the cupboards)
These are the things you may notice when they are home but they are the things you long for the most when they are gone. 
The list of small things that I miss could go on and on but I don't think I should embarrass him to much.

Today was a pretty good day. I had a little scare with my great grandma but other then that it was a pretty good day.
Not great.
Nothing spectacular happened.
Nothing terrible either.
All in all a pretty good day. So why is tonight so hard?
I got to skype James this morning and tonight. 
Nothing different in that department. 
I miss him more then words can describe every single day.
Yet tonight. Well tonight is just one of those heart ache nights.
It's not the first hard night and I know it is not going to be the last but right now its hard.
Right now I want him home. 
Right now I need him home. 
I need my rock, my best friend, my heart, my world, and the most important one my husband. 
James you are my hero and I love you more with every passing day. 
I can't wait to look back on this and know it is a distant memory. 
I miss everything about you. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

One tired princess

That walk to the post office must of wore this little princess out. I've never seen her bob like this and fall asleep sitting up so she must of been exhausted. Once I got the cute video I laid her down on the couch to continue her nap. I was not about to risk moving her and having her wake up. Now this is how she is sleeping. I thought it was to cute not to share. 

A trip to the post office

Today we took a walk to the post office to mail daddy his 2nd package of his deployment. This one is really just from mommy but the girls like to think its from all of us so thats what I tell them. They think its so fun to send things to daddy since he is so far away. This package is actually one for mine and James' 4 year anniversary and has a few things I made him in it. I had to get creative on this project but I think I did pretty good. I can't wait for him to get it and the girls and I have some really fun things planned for his birthday box!I will post more on that next month after he receives it so it doesn't ruin the surprise.