Thursday, August 25, 2011

1st package received!

I'm so excited this morning! 
Why you ask? 
James received his very first package from us!!!!
So exciting! 

Now I get to post how it looked and tell you what was in it!

 I decided this one would have a few things in it that he liked at home. 
(minus the lap top lap desk. That was for his birthday but doesn't fit inside a flat rate box so he got it early)
Here is the first flap

A picture from Aidyn
(I wanted to get the girls involved in decorating. They had a lot of fun)

A picture from Keelii

A letter from me
(each package he will receive will have a hand written letter from me explaining what is in there and why)

And this is what it looked like when it was ready to be shipped!

I forgot to take pictures of everything inside so I will just give a list.
We sent James/daddy:
A package of double stuffed Oreos
2 packages of jerky
(one from us and one from his mom)
2 boxes of popcorn
Packs of gum
(he said he ran out of gum today too so what perfect timing)
A empty scrapbooked canister 
(this is to put chocolate kisses in. I will do a separate post about that)
A 3 ringed binder with plastic sleeves
(To put artwork and letters in from friends and family)
A pillow case with a picture of me and the girls
(I know! Can you believe it! For those of you that know Keelii this is a HUGE deal! This is her most prize possession. Even better then that? It was her idea!) 
James ask for a shirt of mine so I included one
(I was lucky enough to have to perfect shirt to send him. He said it was the perfect choice and was really happy.  Long story short, he picked it out for me when we were sophomore's) 
Last but not least the lap top desk
(but this was meant for his birthday)

I am very pleased to say he really liked it. I can't wait for him to get his other packages.

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