Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Food fight

My sweet darling perfect angels.
(Bet they fool you. They fool me daily)

Ha who am I kidding?! My girls are anything but what I just described. Mischievous, testing our limits, toddlers is a description that better suits them. Oh and lets add creators of mass destruction to that list while we're at it. 

Today has been one of those days where they have tested their limits. 
Example 1? 
Aidyn thought it would be ok if she put her own movie in the playstation.

Helping right?

She thought she could do it all by herself while mom was busy. OH and of course two is better the one right? Not when it comes to DVD's in a Playstation 3.

2+1= 1 very frustrated mom

Needless to say I now how two DVD's stuck in our PS3 that I can't figure out how to get out. Lovely!

Example 2?
Food fight! Yep Food fight!

I have never been one of those crazy people that thought a massive food fight would be fun. So when I see one start breaking out at our dinner table I was less then pleased. One child would throw a handful of food at the other and back and forth it would go!  Hysterical laughing and loud squeals filled the house as I tried to walk away and count to 10.

Yeah I had one of those moments...

Came back in, told them thats not ok to do and started picking it all up. 

I don't think I mentioned that dinner ended up clear across the room and landed on the playstation that I just mentioned has two dvd's lodged in it. 

Yeah one of those days. 
So don't let them fool you. 
They may look like sweet darling perfect angels but they can be the complete opposite. 

I love you girls! Even if you make me go completely insane at times! 

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