Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our 4 year anniversary

Today was our 4 year wedding anniversary. I feel so unbelievable blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life. I am truly lucky to be able to call such a wonderful man my husband. This year is a lot different from the years past considering we are thousands of miles apart and in 2 very different time zones. In fact the times zones have made it so we got to celebrate our anniversary for two days instead of just one.
 I miss James so deeply and it makes special days like today tough. We get through them but I won't pretend they're easy. James and I truly celebrate our marriage every year together and make it a very special day. Being thousands of miles apart put a kink in things but didn't stop us from doing the best we could. 
James sent me a beautiful arrangement of flowers and the most beautiful music box I've ever laid eyes on. I have tried to get a good picture but I am far from a photographer and used my phone as my camera so its not the best quality. My picture does not do it justice at all but you can click here to see a better picture of it. He put a lot of thought into this musical jewelry box and that makes my heart melt. The box is called an Anastasia Musical Keepsake box. For those of you that don't know Anastasia is my favorite movie and I still watch it all the time. He also had it engraved with this saying:
We are 365 days away
7,315 miles apart, But
We've never been so close.
I love you

I will get to cherish such a beautiful gift for the rest of my life. Priceless. My gorgeous flowers came with a beautiful card and of course tears filled my eyes when I read what it said. It read:
We are 7,315 miles apart and 365 days away. I never stop thinking about you. I never stop picturing your face. I never forget your sweet scent. I still taste you on my lips. I carry you in my heart every second.
Needless to say my husband is to good to me and incredibly sweet. I love you James and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy Anniversary my love! 

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