Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scraped knee turns bad

My poor little girl fell down a couple weeks ago and scraped her knee. Nothing new for her. She is a klutzy toddler. Like every other scraped knee she's ever had it started to heal and started to scab but just like I mentioned before she is a klutzy toddler and couldn't quit breaking it open. As a result she ended up with a nasty infected knee. After trying to doctor it up myself for a week with out it getting better I decided to take her into a real doctor. Once he came in and took a look he decided that we needed to clean it out and get her felling better. 

He put some lidocaine gel on her and wrapped it up. 

We waited...

 Checked it out...

 Ran a muck... 
Then it was time to start cleaning it out. The nurse came in and got the water and syringe ready and went to work. She was really good and sat through the whole thing like a big girl. 

This was the best picture I could get of her knee before we started cleaning it out. Started looking a bit better after it had the lidocaine on it and softened it up. You can't see where it is open in the picture but you can see the infected area.
We got it all washed out and bandaged up and came back home. She hasn't said owie since we've been home! Good sign! So happy she is feeling better and not hurting anymore. It's never fun knowing your babies are in pain. 

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